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Meridian Brands LLC is a brand portfolio company primarily committed to Womenswear Fashion. Meridian is an established leader in the industry, committed to providing outstanding quality and value in a competitive and ever-evolving marketplace. We scale across all apparel products and distribution channels in support of our millions of brand loyal consumers.

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Meridian Brands is a brand portfolio company with a primary focus on women’s apparel and accessories. Meridian is an industry leader in design and development, direct sourcing, manufacturing and distribution with owned brands and co-creation partnerships. To achieve this, we embrace change, and invest in outstanding talent and technology.

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Adrienne Landau brand readies for e-commerce launch

Metaphorically speaking, waking a sleeping giant isn't necessarily a good thing. Regarding beloved niche brand Adrienne Landau, whose business was built on fur outerwear and accessories, Meridian Brands hopes that awakening Landau will yield a fashion behemoth.


Fall 2023 Press Release

Adrienne Landau renews her fashion vows with a modern lifestyle expression. In partnership with Meridian Brands, LLC, the Adrienne Landau brand will launch an expansive collection for Fall 2023.

Cupio’s Transformation: A Marriage of Artisan Personality and Impeccable Attention to Details and Fabrics

Cupio, a renowned fashion brand founded in 1995, has been a stalwart in the industry with its timeless elegance and chic designs. Over the years, it has earned a reputation for its high-quality clothing and a focus on modern sophistication, catering to women who appreciate style and comfort in equal measure.


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