Our Co-Creation team is dedicated to serving our clients with unique needs. Our team and philosophy transcends the traditional Private Label partnership and offers a bespoke approach to curating very specific products.  

Our Approach 

An initial immersive experience of your brand, its value & intent, and your strategy

Seasonal product Strategy development including inspiration, big ideas, color, concept and fabric development ideas

Product Development and Sourcing strategy to meet the needs of your brand strategy including compliance stringency, sustainability, and superior price/value

Milestone driven calendar process with constant communication on key deliverables

Flexible product flow options to drive speed to market and quick response

Your benefits  

Access to best in class creative organization with the ability to understand and deliver against any fashion sensibility from classic to advanced, and reach from moderate price points to true luxury

Turnkey support with flawless execution saves your organization hundreds of hours of time per year

Your operating expense savings become pure net income to optimize profitability